Fiber Networks Affected by the Weather?

As a Fixed Wireless Internet Provider we are constantly monitoring conditions that may affect business Internet service.  However, we do not often see fiber providers declaring that they are having problems providing service.  Here is a notice that Logix Fiber has recently sent out.

Logix Fiber Networks (LOGIX) is providing notification of its declaration of a Force Majeure event effective 12:01 am on February 12, 2021, for all of our service areas in the states of Texas and Oklahoma due to the impact of the winter storms that have recently passed through these two states and continue to impact our area of operations.

Although LOGIX does not typically provide an affirmative notice for Force Majeure events, due to the scope, duration and unprecedented nature of this storm in our region and the extensive damage to infrastructure in certain areas, both known and unknown, that has resulted in widescale power outages, and has negatively impacted the ability to perform at normal response intervals, and has delayed installation and repair functions, this special notice is being provided.

This event has had a negative impact on LOGIX’s performance under our wholesale processes and agreements, our business enterprise operations, and our datacenter services, and constitutes a Force Majeure event as defined in your agreement(s). Logix reserves all rights consistent with applicable state and federal law and with the relevant Force Majeure terms in your agreement(s) and any applicable performance commitments.

Please note that this notice is in addition to any self-enforcing provisions in your agreement(s) and our tariffs.

Please direct any additional questions to your account manager or LOGIX customer service.



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Dan has been in the telecommunications and data communications industry to over 20 years. He holds a CISSP, CNA, AND CEH.